German-Taiwanese Founders & R&D Meetups

Your R&D Begins with the best Connections

We integrate German and Taiwanese tech ecosystems through topical founders’ events, forging partnerships for global success stories.

A Taiwanese businessman engages in an informal videoconference call, depicted in a warm, professional setting. He is focused and attentive, with a slight smile, indicating a productive and friendly discussion. The businessman's office is neatly organized, featuring modern technology and a large screen displaying multiple participants, symbolizing the global and interactive nature of the conference. This image captures the essence of contemporary business communication, emphasizing connectivity and cultural diversity in a corporate environment.

Unique focus, high-profile participants

International exchange for innovative companies represents a significant business opportunity and is essential. At the same time, great innovations often result from rare, trustworthy contacts.

Our mission is to introduce you to your peers and potential partners simply and efficiently through curated videoconferences.

We focus exclusively on founders and C-level executives from the German and Taiwanese tech ecosystems.

Through thoughtful design, participant acquisition, and preparation of the meeting itself, we aim to set the stage for you to advance your business.

Our Service

Our online format maximizes the chance for you to meet highly valuable contacts while saving you time and travel costs.

Best R&D contacts

Founder-to-Founder or C-level interaction of all parties.

Sector-specific focus

Highly-focused programming for high relevance.

Quality guarantee

Binding registrations. Invoicing after the conference.

Easy video-conference

An effective, yet lean format that sparks opportunities.

Exclusive contact list

Contact list will be shared among all attendees.

Cooperation Management

A multilingual project management team standing by.

Connection Journey

We make sure the process is simple, yet dependable for all.


  • We set a specific conference topic.
  • Founder or C-Level participants
  • 10-14 mature tech companies
  • We ensure parity of German and Taiwanese participants.
  • The conference to take place within 6 months.


  • Register and learn more through a short validation call.
  • Confirm and receive a binding ticket reservation.
  • Wait until the save-the-date is announced.


  • Once the event fills up, the conference is confirmed.
  • Save-the-date is announced at least 1 month in advance.
  • Program is announced.


  • 90-Minute moderated conference with plenary and breakout sessions
  • MS-Teams Setup


  • Participant profiles with email contacts are shared with all attendees

Upcoming Conferences

In the 2024 pilot-year, we organize following conferences:

Precision Automation: Integrating Industrial Robotics with High-Precise Machine Tools

  • Industrial Robots & High-Precision Machines Manufacturers
  • Adaptive high-precision machining, (sensorics, robotics-enabled inspection & loading and tool changing), Enhancing Precision for Industrial Robots
An illustrative image showcases an industrial robot engaged in precision manufacturing tasks, embodying the theme "Precision Automation: Integrating Industrial Robotics with High-Precise Machine Tools." The robot, with its sleek, articulated arms, is depicted with meticulous detail, performing complex tasks with accuracy and efficiency. In the background, high-precision machine tools complement the robot's actions, highlighting the seamless integration of robotics and advanced manufacturing technologies. This visual encapsulates the innovation and sophistication in modern automation, illustrating the future of industrial production where precision and collaboration between machines enhance productivity and quality.
An illustrative image portrays an engineer meticulously checking a large server unit, aligning with the videoconference theme "Precision Automation: Cross-Connectivity and Integration into Workcells." The engineer, equipped with a laptop, is engaged in configuring and monitoring the server, which is pivotal in managing the data flow across a smart manufacturing production line. The server's lights and cables are visible, symbolizing the complex network and the seamless exchange of information between different parts of the production line, including robots, machine tools, and workcells. This visual conveys the critical role of technology and skilled professionals in ensuring efficient, interconnected operations within modern automated manufacturing environments.

Precision Automation: Cross-Connectivity and Integration into Workcells

  • Industrial Robots & High-Precision Machines Manufacturers
  • Adaptable Manufacturing for Customized, On-Demand Production (Advanced control systems, Workcell Integration, Transportation between Stations)
  • Cross-Connectivity for Process Control and Data

Get in touch to learn more

  • Participate in innovative R&D networking format tailored for SMEs
  • Limited pilot offer, First-come-first-serve
  • Pay after the event